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Case Studies

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Organizations are seeking ways to improve the speed, consistency, and agility with which they provide services to their customers. At the same time, enhancing their privacy and security posture is of paramount importance. Advanced Solutions needed to provide a solution that automated the delivery of services and improved the customers’ service experience, while at the same time improving their ability to manage privacy and security


Advanced Solutions developed the Service Gateway, delivering an automation and network security platform that provides rapid service provisioning, an enhanced and consistent client experience, and improved management and security controls. It leverages a number of integrated and complimentary technologies that are implemented in a methodical, phased approach that provides business value at each step of the way.


With Service Gateway, Advanced Solutions can deliver:

  • Automated service provisioning, providing rapid and consistent service delivery
  • Improved speed to business value and quality control
  • Enhanced network security control and management
  • Flexible workload management, with the ability to extend workloads and associated security policies to private or public cloud