Case Studies

Case Studies

Solutions Billing Platform

One of our clients in a very high transactional environment was seeking to improve citizen experience and identification security with a self-service portal.


  • The client needed an easy-to-use self-service portal
  • After normal business hours functionality required for customer interactions
  • Integration of complete security and compliance requirements


Portal power

Advanced Solutions proposed, built, and implemented a self-service portal for our clients’ department. The portal is powered by Advanced Solutions Managed Services platform, a key component of our digital transformation program. The toolset is a scalable and comprehensive platform for providing self-service transactions, individual account information, and enhanced communication channels. The portal provides citizen users with the ability to communicate with the public organization through a new, unique channel designed specifically with this client in mind.

From the self-service portal, citizens can customize payments and order information needed to manage their specific accounts. Similarly, our client can easily provision new programs to the platform service allowing their users one single entry point to deal with as many accounts or services as they desire.

Faster, lower cost, more secure

Already, the benefits to the general public and our client have been substantial. The self-service portal provides simple and fast deployment of information and service, allowing access in just a few minutes. Self-service eliminates all manual errors that could occur under other channels where the client doesn’t have the same level of control of their requests. Our client also gains greater flexibility, increased availability with next-gen technology, greater adherence to standards, and even better regulatory compliance as it pertains to authentication.

Security is a key benefit. The technology also ensures that all services are delivered in accordance with the policies and regulations.


  • Users can now interact quickly and easily
  • Automation where customers have access to information in minutes on their own schedule versus hours or days waiting for the same interaction by phone or mail
  • Improved standardization and quality
  • Security and authentication has been enhanced